Matt Bowman Helps Parents Raise

Thriving Self-Directed Learners

“Matt Bowman nailed it!  His insights into the future of education inspired me to re-think my approach both professionally and with my own children!”
Conference Attendee
"After hearing Matt Bowman speak at a recent conference, I immediately began plans to book him at an upcoming event which I’m organizing in my state. Everyone needs to hear his practical, yet innovative, thoughts on education.”
Conference Attendee
“Matt Bowman helped validate our team's strategic plan to implement an innovative competency-based program for our students. He definitely knows his stuff.”
Conference Attendee

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, join the over 62,000 students (and counting) whose parents learned how to think differently about their child’s education and now they are THRIVING and LOVING life!

You can do it, too – and I’m here to help you each step of the way!


People Are Talking

Matt Bowman was a pleasure to work with and delivered an inspiring keynote presentation at our recent industry conference. I highly recommend him to any organization interested in booking a true education thought leader.
“I am amazed at how my children have grown and jumped leaps and bounds in school. Your vision of what is possible has truly inspired me and introduced my children and me to all sorts of resources we didn’t know were possible.”
“We love My Tech because in all our years of homeschooling, we have never before been able to [access] high quality curriculum choices for our kids. My Tech has made it possible to still have the freedom to choose what we feel is best for our kids.”
“We have tried 2 other online homeschool programs and My Tech High is by FAR the very best in every way. Curriculum offered, communication, working with teachers! I could go on and on.”
“This program helps me to be consistent as a parent educating my children, knowing what classes and subjects we need to cover on a daily basis helps us to consistently move forward with our educational goals and I see amazing progress in my children!”
“My Tech High has been a great resource for our [military] family because it has allowed us to be able to offer classes and opportunities that they might be lacking in, being out of the public arena. It also helps offset the costs of classes and equipment that we can’t access and need to purchase for our schooling.”
“My husband and I work from home, and teaching our children at home allows us to have flexible schedules where we can work around other hobbies and desires we have.”
I looked around at the audience during Matt Bowman’s presentation and could tell he had everyone fully engaged! He has a gift to connect well with audiences of all types and to provide practical next steps to implement his innovative ideas without feeling overwhelmed. I definitely recommend listening to what he has to say.”

Matt Bowman Speaks

Matt helps parents just like you think differently about their child’s education.

He has helped tens of thousands of students become self-directed learners who are creative, curious, and motivated to innovate and solve our world’s most pressing challenges.

From Kindergarten to College and Career, Matt will share practical (and affordable) ideas around education that will open your mind to opportunities you never knew were possible.  This new way of thinking will change your perspective on education forever and will help your child think like a tech-savvy entrepreneur who is ready and able to change the world!

Who Is This Guy?

Matt Bowman has been involved with education, online learning, public school choice, technology, and entrepreneurship for over 30 years.

Matt holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education and is an alumnus of Stanford’s Executive Business Management program.

Matt is the founder and CEO of My Tech High, which now in its 15th year serves over 25,000 students across 10 states, including many military families worldwide.

On a personal note, Matt and his wife Amy are the parents of five children along with two daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, and three grandchildren.